[What’s Campwith?]

Campwith was established 1998. Since 2002, Campwith is one of the most famous Non-profit Camping Organization in Japan. We aim to improve all people’s well-being through outdoor and recreational activities in western Japan. Most participants are people with mental disabilities. We have about 50 camps a year, so we have many programs mostly at weekends and on holidays.
Mission Statement is to facilitate Quality of Life for all people with or without disabilities by outdoor and recreational activities, regardless of gender, age, or ethnicity. Also, we hope to create a better society by helping each other and having fun.

[Head Office]

Adress: 2-2-20-2F Tani-machi Chuo-ku Osaka Japan 540-0012
Tel & fax: +81-6-7657-5001


1) Monthly camps: over-night camping for three groups in Osaka area.
2) Seasonal camps in Japan:
Spring: Cherry-blossom camping & Day camping for older people
Summer: Eleven-days and ten-nights mountain camping, Dolphins therapy camping & Beach camping
Fall: Over night lake camping
Winter: Skiing & Hot-spring camping
3) Doki-Doki day camping: fun one day camping for new members to have successful camping experiences. We have four camps in May, September, November, February.
4) Joint hosting camping:
Firstly, Campwith & another association called Association Youth Service Osaka City :
We do camping with elementary school campers with Autism Spectrum
Secondly, Campwith & another NPO called Childs do Dolphins therapy camping
5) Grief camping project: recreational and camping programs for disaster victims,
about one-hundred families who have moved to Osaka from the affected areas
of Japan after the 2011 earth quake. We assist in the reduction of their stress
and help them make enjoyable social relationships. (2011-2012)
6) Seasonal Camping Abroad in places such as: Australia, Mongolia, Hawaii
7) Staff training:
We have three programs of staff trainings.
①Training sessions to be camping instructors
②Training sessions for all staff of Campwith
③Lectures about camping, volunteering and recreational activities at St. Andrew’s university all year round
8) Meetings: Board meetings, Director meetings, & individual activities meetings before and after camping
9) Research projects to study camping for people w/ disabilities
10) Publishing Campwith Quarterly News Letters for all members
Using various media such as website & reports.
11) Supporting for camping of other organization

[Organization: Members of Campwith (June, 2013)]

Members w/ disabilities (130)
Board members (9)
Auditor (1)
Office Staff (3)
Donors (2) 
Volunteers (85)
 Most of volunteers from St. Andrew’s University